Pizza Recipe

Pizza Recipe

Your pizza dough finally kit arrived!  Time to have some fun!

Before you start, here are some additional items you may need.  

Flour for dusting table or surface where you are rolling out the dough.

Your favorite tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes! 

Salt & Pepper to taste.  We recommend fresh cracked pepper and coarse sea salt or kosher salt.  

Very optional tools... Pizza Peel, Baking Stone, Pizza Cutter. 

You can cook right on a baking sheet and cut with a knife.  (We won't tell anyone if you don't.)  

1. Start taking your dough out of the bag and letting your dough rest and reaching room temperature. We recommend putting in a bowl with olive oil coated around the bowl and covering the bowl with plastic wrap or towel.  It's important to keep the dough moist so the crust doesn't become crispy before you roll it out.  Time will vary depending on temperature of the dough.  If dough is frozen let sit in refrigerator for 24 hours prior before completing this step.

2. Preheat oven to as hot as gets!  We don't recommend doing anything mechanical to the oven to get it hotter than it should.  Put your stone or baking sheet in the oven during preheat.  Please be safe.  You can even preheat your gas or wood fired oven during this time.  We have used smaller ovens Carbon Oven, Ooni Oven and Gozney Roccbox and they all work excellent with this dough.  We also cook in our favorite larger pizza ovens from Californo and Authentic Pizza Oven and the pizzas are phenomenal!

3. Roll dough out.  If you're a pro spin it in air!  For the beginner, it's more than ok to use a rolling pin or even a wine bottle.  (Make sure you have enough flour so your hands, rolling device or the dough doesn't stick.)  Whatever you can find to roll it out.  You can even finish stretching it with your hands.  Homemade shouldn't look perfect!  Give your pizza that artisanal flair it deserves! 

4. Top with your favorite toppings!  Remember less is more when it comes to pizza and you shouldn't load the center.  Load around the edges as the everything will naturally pool towards the center as you're cooking.  We included our signature pesto, fresh mozzarella and imported pecorino romano.  These are real quality ingredients, so a small amount will go a long way. 

5.  Transfer pizza into the oven carefully.  We recommend using a pizza peel for this.  Make sure you flour the peel, but at the same time, don't use too much flour because it will burn in the oven and is possibly flammable.  You can also use semolina or corn meal for this step. 

6. . Cook to a golden brown and desired crispiness.  If using a wood fired/ gas pizza oven, cook until you see beautiful leopard spotting and dome the pizza for perfect cheesy finish.  

7. Take a picture and tag us on instagram @pieohmynj so we can repost!  Mangia! 

8. Remember when you're in New Jersey to visit us at the beach and the beer garden and eat some wood fired pizza! 

Email or call 718 644 9490 with any questions.

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